The Need

Donations, Volunteers, Partnerships and Connections each play a role in bringing relief and recovery to the Bahamas after hurricane Dorian.

How You Can Help

Donate Needed Supplies

Water, clothing, canned goods, generators.

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Volunteer Needed Services

Pilots, warehousing, shipping.

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Partner with Bahamian Recovery

Local community groups, churches, schools and more are working to help local areas recover. Become a partner with one of these groups.

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Sponsor or House a Family

Many families were evacuated with little more than the clothes on their backs. Help these families get a fresh start.

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Much of what has been accomplished so far resulted from people connecting to a need that resonated.

Some of the needs and opportunities are listed below.

Needed Supplies

Water, fresh food, non-perishables, toiletries, paper goods, school supplies, sporting goods, clothes, toys, building supplies, generators, tools, emergency medical supplies, diabetic supplies, emergency water filtration equipment, reciprocating saws, circular saws, roofing nails, etc.

Email us for Charleston, SC and Columbia, SC area drop off locations at

Needed Services

Ground transportation
Boat Captains

Do you have a skill that can help the recovery and rebuilding process? Email us at to connect to current needs.

Partnership Opportunities

Community Organizations

Email us at to connect with a local organization to empower their efforts to rebuild.

Help a Family

Read about some of the families below. Opportunities to respond are included with each family.

Contact us at to connect with a family.

The Henry Family

Henry Family from Abaco Bahamas

Kit & Evanette Henry with their two sons, Khaleb & Khalil.

The Henry Family was granted a 6 month stay in the United States. We are working to help them rebuild.

FROM KIT HENRY: We are a family of 4 with a two year old and a one month old baby (born Sept. 21st), both are boys. My name is Villard Kitlet Henry, Kit for short or kiddo. My wife's name is Evanette, oldest son Khaleb, youngest Khalil. During the storm we lost the house we rented and my car is damaged. I was in Dundas Town at my aunt's house during the storm or else I wouldn't have made it. We are currently in sunrise Fort Lauderdale. I worked at Winding Bay, front desk GSA (guest services ambassador). It’s a bellman but we do a little bit more. We do vallet, we transport guests, we drop off and pick up bags, and also drop off and pick up golf carts for the guests.

Henry Home before after Dorian
Home before and after hurricane Dorian.
Henry family children
The Henry children.

The Curry, Rolle and Brown Family

Curry Rolle Brown Family from Abaco Bahamas

We are the Curry, Rolle and Brown Family 3 generations. We live on the Island of Green Turtle Cay, Abaco.

My Name is Nattel Brown, I'm married to Genero Brown. I've been the secretary for the Local Government Office in GTC for 13 years. My mother is Whitlene Curry and my Brother is Ondre Rolle he is also married to Jane Rolle with 4 beautiful children I like to call my own. Aryanna (12) Adryanna (7) Ondre Jr (2) Jamal (1).

We all stayed on the Island of GTC during Hurricane Dorian which as the most dramatic experience we've ever faced. We lost our home, vehicle and most of our jobs since the Hurricane. My brother Ondre had to send his wife and kids to Nassau to live so that they can attend school and my mother went to Freeport to stay for a while until we can get our home rebuilt. The rest of the family is now staying in different homes on GTC because there isn't a place that all of us can live together now. Our home was demolished on October 28th, 2019 and now we have to find means and a way to rebuild our home.

Curry Rolle Brown Home after Dorian
Damage to the home after hurricane Dorian required demolition.

The Pierre Family

Pierre Family from Abaco Bahamas

Keven and Agnes Fertil-Pierre.

Hello , We are the Pierre's. We are currently living in North Charleston SC. We are being hosted by Jesse Rhodes and his lovely wife ,Liz. We lived on the island of Abaco, where the devastating hurricane occurred. In Abaco I worked as a Mason and my wife worked as an accountant clerk. We have two adorable children. A boy and girl. Malachi age 2 and Arianna age 5. Malachi is full of energy and can go on all day if he could. Arianna loves dolls and dressing up. She started school a few days ago and so far so good. We are so happy to be in Charleston and so far we have met some amazing people and we do look forward to making connections with even more awesome folks.

Pierre Home before Dorian
Home before hurricane Dorian.
Pierre home after Dorian
Home after hurricane Dorian.

The Reckley Family

Reckley Family from Abaco Bahamas

Wayne & Laures Reckley with their daughter Angel.

My name is Wayne and along with my wife Laures and daughter Angel, we survived hurricane Dorian two months ago while in an apartment in downtown Marsh Harbour, Abaco.

After losing everything including both vehicles..

I'm a small building contractor and my wife an Asian food and sushi chef.

A few days after the storm we were blessed to get on a cargo plane that was dropping off relief supplies in Abaco, and they flew us to Stuart Florida. We spent the first two and a half weeks in Orlando with Lynn and Abe Collins, a most loving couple.. Then we were invited to Mt. Pleasant in Charleston at Liz and Jessie Rhodes home with their two kids, another loving family.. From there we spent a free week in an Airbnb downtown Charleston provided by Tift Mitchell the owner and a caring Realtor..

From there we were placed in the care of Abby and Greg Meyers, another loving and caring family that allowed us to stay at their lovely second home that's on the market for sale on Park Shore Drive.

We are thankful to God and to the many loving neighbours who are always reaching out to us in so many ways.. Special thanks to Morgan Brooks and the South Carolina Abaco Relief team.. For taking special care of other family and friends in the Bahamas.. Morgan drove all the way from James Island Charleston SC to Orlando Florida to bring us new clothing.. Again much love from the three of us.. And may the love of God continue to shine through each of you on to others.. Again many thanks to all of you..🥰

Reckley Apartment
Reckley Family Apartment.
Laures Food Van
Laures' Food Van.