About South Carolina Abaco Relief

We are a volunteer organization working to help the recovery of Abaco, Bahamas from the devastation of hurricane Dorian.

South Carolina Abaco Relief started with a need, a connection and a plane.

The need after hurricane Dorian was immediate. After years spent vacationing in the Bahamas, making local friends and finding a home away from home, we had to do something to help. We filled our small plane with water and basic supplies and lifted off for our very familiar Abaco.

Relief Flight to Abaco
Relief Flight to Abaco

Once Abaco came into view from the air, it was obvious there was not much familiar here. The grateful faces of our local friends was the only familiar thing left. Our supplies were welcome, but there was not nearly enough for everyone. What began as a supply run now became an evacuation flight.

Word quickly spread among friends of both the need and the effort. As word grew, more people responded. Others began to contribute supplies. Even others began to volunteer planes and time. More supplies came in, more people flew out.

Relief Flight to Abaco
Relief Flight to Abaco

More and more people became involved and now we are working with warehouses, cooperating with relief agencies, building partnerships and more. We continue to make connections, expand the effort and participate in the recovery efforts. We are both excited and overwhelmed at the tremendous response. We hope to have the opportunity to partner with you to bring hope to the people of Abaco.

South Carolina Abaco Relief Team

Brandon Liles
Wes Covington
Morgan Brooks
Craig Summerall