Donated Supplies Hurricane Dorian Relief
Donated Supplies Waiting for Delivery

Current Need - Funds to Deliver Donated Items

The response to the devastation in the Bahamas from Hurricane Dorian continues to be tremendous. Our greatest current need is funds to fuel planes and book passage for delivering donated supplies.

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How You Can Help

Donate Needed Supplies

Water, clothing, canned goods, generators.

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Volunteer Needed Services

Pilots, warehousing, shipping.

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Partner with Bahamian Recovery

Local community groups, churches and more are working to help local areas recover. Become a partner with one of these groups.

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Sponsor or House a Family

Many families were evacuated with little more than the clothes on their backs. Help these families get a fresh start.

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Who is South Carolina Abaco Relief?

We started as a group of South Carolina friends with connections to the Bahamas. Initial efforts involved flying supplies in and people out. The recovery efforts have grown to so much more.

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